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Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) is an essential part of airbase survival. Since modern wars start with the counter airbase battle, ADR capability must be readily available for use at very short notice. An Air Force that cannot fly, cannot fight.

ADR provides the repair of Minimum Aircraft Operating Surfaces (MAOS) so that operational flying can be resumed as quickly as possible after an enemy attack on the air base.

The runway is attacked

Evaluate Damage for crater filling priorities

Search and clear site of unexploded ordnance

The debris is pushed back into the crater

The Dynamic Compactor, mounted on a heavy wheeled loader compacts the debris within the crater

Top up the crater with aggregate

Level the surface using an ADR screed beam

Now follow route A or B

A: Flood Grouting System

1. The compacted area is then flooded with ASR-I grout at a rate of 20m3/hour using the ADR mobile flood


2. Grout hardens within 30 minutes.


B: Bomb Damage Repair Mats

1. An alternative method of repairing the surface after backfilling and compaction is the use of heavy duty corrugated mats. These are carried to the area on purpose designed trailers.


2. The mats are unrolled


3. Using special towing adaptors, they are tensioned to remove all slack.


4. The ends of the mats are secured by expanding bolts which pass through panels into undamaged areas of the runway.


The Runway is now available for use again

ADR Compactor

The ADR Compactor is a military variant of the Rapid Impact Compactor based on a hydraulic piling hammer. It is designed to integrate with Airfield Damage Repair equipment and reduce repair lead-times on bomb crater repair.


Mobile Flood Grout Mixing System

  • A unique system able to mix ADR grout powder with accurate amount of water in minimum cycle time.Water measured by volume from
  • water tanks fitted to specially adapted Croker Rotating Pan RP1500 Mixer.
  • Large bagsplitter with static knives allowing powder to be dispensed from storage tote bags into mixer at correct rate.
  • Designed to produce mixed product at rate of 20m3 per hour.

ASR-I Grout Powder

ASR-I is a non-shrink repair grout designed to give a controlled high early strength for damaged concrete airfield runways under different weather conditions.

  • Non-shrink
  • No curing aids required
  • Self-levelling
  • One component free-flowing powder
  • Easily mixed with water
  • Special admixture to adjust setting process to suit wide range of temperature conditions.

Bomb Damage Repair Mats

Heavy duty corrugated aluminium trackway panels that interlock to form an area mat. Tapered fairing panel at each end complete the mat and provide a ramp for the aircraft tyres.

  • Standard mat dimensions – 22m x 16
  • Thickness of mat – 32m
  • Weight – 12,500k
  • Diameter (when rolled up) – 1.2m


The successful completion of rapid runway repair on an airbase in war demands skills to perform the tasks. The whole operation of the airforce may depend on it. Training in peace is essential. Training can be provided at two levels:-

  • Training of individuals to operate and maintain their equipment
  • Collective training of terms in units to achieve rapid runway repair as fast as possible.

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