ADR Compaction

The ADR Compactor is a military variant of the Rapid Impact Compactor based on a hydraulic piling hammer. It is designed to integrate with Airfield Damage Repair equipment and reduce repair lead-times on bomb crater repair.

It is used in combination with a suitable Heavy Wheeled Tractor on various crater repair techniques; ‘Clean-Bowl’, ‘Mat’ or ‘Flood-Grout’ methods.

  • Resettlement of pavement disturbed by heav
  • Fragmentation of displaced debris for ease of removal or demolitio
  • Compaction of back-fill material
  • Spot-Levelling of repaired surfaces

Fast mobilisation and accurate compaction is achieved when the Compactor is attached to a suitable Heavy Wheel tractor of correct mass. Usually the HWT needs to be of 5 cu.m bucket capacity. Exact size depends on the level of armour plating on the tractor and therefore its inherent mass for stability.

Precise manoeuvring and accurate blow control allows operation in close proximity to other repair activities on adjacent craters. Operator control of the blow can be done from either the HWT cab or by a groundsman.

Performance DataImpact EnergyOperating PressureHydraulic FlowFront End Weight
ADR 500060220180-20012200
ADR 700083240220-25014500

ADR Compaction Features

  1. High efficiency hydraulic system offers high energy transfer from low hydraulic flow demand. Therefore, low running costs
  2. Guide frame offers 0.6m of compaction penetration
  3. Variable drop height 0.2m to 1.2m with rapid tamping capability. 38 blows per minute at maximum stroke
  4. Adjustable drop weight. 5 and 7 tonne options available. 84 kNm impact energy with 7 tonne drop weight
  5. Quick hitch arrangement allows for fast changing between bucket attachments and compaction unit
  6. Armour plated wheeled loader with bucket capacity of 4 to 5 cubic metres.
    Articulated foot allows compaction in bowl of blast crater
  7. Cast steel drive cap with noise reducing cushion.

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